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We invite children from 6 to 12 years old to a creative summer adventure. The duration of the camp is 5 days (4 hours per day) with multiple art activities incorporated in every day. The day schedule strategically combines multiple craft types to introduce kids to various art and craft skills and designed in a way to keep children engaged. Throughout the day children will also play board games, design with building blocks, and participate in team activities. We will have fruit, crackers, and water, however we ask you to please pack lunch for your child as we will have a lunch break. This week we will create some carboard, wooden, and tape installations : 7/17/23 - Pompons toys / Cardboard construction 7/18/23 - Cookies decoration/ Drawing Lesson 7/19/23 - A Wood Construction Making/ Drawing Lesson 7/20/23 - Figures Decoration/ Molding lesson 7/21/23 - Tape installation / Bingo and Riddle games / Summer Craft It is possible to come to the camp on separate days.

  • Date:7/21/2023 09:00 AM - 7/21/2023 01:00 PM
  • Location 1028 Weiland Road, Buffalo Grove, IL, USA (Map)